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As the Commissioner of Vanuatu Police Force, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Vanuatu Police Force Annual Police Plan for 2018. Preparatory work for this has been consulted widely with our stake holders. I welcome this collaborative approach and Vanuatu Police Force will endeavor to listen ever more closely to our communities to continue to deliver an excellent policing service to the public.

The creation and embedding police service over the last two years of the strategic plan 2016 – 2020 has been complex and challenging. The fight against crime continues and we will not be complacent in our effort to reduce harmful activities that undermine our way of life and generate risk to our communities. Public expectations around the quality of Police response remain understandably high, and some of our communities continue to be disproportionately impacted by crime. Policing continues to wrestle with the challenges of keeping people safe in a modern society, but often more isolated and vulnerable, lives.

Alongside the challenges, there are also significant opportunities which allow us to look forward with some confidence. This Annual Plan for 2018 will be underpinned by the strong financial settlement that the Vanuatu Police Force has received from the Vanuatu Government for the year ahead. The Public continues to experience the effects of crime and the influence of its magnitudes with youths and unemployment in the society.

Our 2018 priorities focus on reducing violence, disorder and antisocial behavior; reducing road accidents; protecting those most at risk of harm in or Communities; tackling the causes and effects of serious crime; transnational crime. Our approach will be clearly based on prevention and collaboration to ensure the most efficient and effective service delivery. Our Policing priorities are set against the Vanuatu National Sustainable Development (VNSDP), The Ministerial Corporate Plan and the Vanuatu Police Force Strategic Plan 2016- 2020 that outlines strategies to which this plan emerges thus providing pressure on our finances, which remains a need for the Vanuatu Police Force. This Plan is about addressing the here and now. It sets out what Vanuatu Police Force is seeking to do and how it seeks to do it. It has been informed by more engagement with partners and the public, together with the professional assessments of the police themselves.

The Monitoring and Evaluation will be tracking for the accountability of how Vanuatu Police Force is progressing against Plan. Central to the delivery of the Plan are the 619 officers and staff working to ensure Vanuatu Police Force Continues to deliver a high standard of service to the public. Some 50 officers have retired in 2017 and other 50 early this year 2018. Our propose strength of 920 officers have now reduced to 619 and continuing to decrease.

We Recognize our responsibilities as an employer and will work with the Communities to strengthen engagement with an already committed workforce. I am proud of the officers and staff of Vanuatu Police Force who work hard every day to serve the public and I pay tribute to the work they have done over recent years to maintain a strong operational response during a period of such significant change.

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