Criminal Investigation

Roles and Functions 

  • Serious Crime Unit
  • Fraud Unit
  • Family Protection Unit
  • Drugs Unit
  • Forensic Unit (In charge of Record Office, CRIMMS, Exhibit storage section)
  • Crime Prevention Unit

Since 1980, the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) comprised of one unit, which deals with crimes of all sorts, up until lately when it was divided into units as specified by their roles and responsibilities. CID incorporated 6 units in all, and the Forensic governs extra 3 subunits which are records office (RO), the CRIMMS and the Exhibits Storage Section.

General Information

All units within CID have a common goal, to detect, apprehend and successfully prosecute offenders for Criminal offences. Since and before independence in 1980, these units form an all in one unit which involved itself in all categories of investigations, up until early 2000, it was divided into sections specifically tasked to carry out investigations according to the nature of their Roles and responsibilities.

According to the 2014 – 2020 structure, the established strength in the CID is 64, with posted strength of 43, and active strength is 34.

The overall Police force provides support to each of the components,  to successfully implement their roles and responsibilities.

Police non-emergency:

Port Vila 22 222

Santo 36 222

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