Emergencies & Major Events


The Joint Planning and Operation Centre (JPOC) is the main coordination centre of the Vanuatu Police Force and is located at the Police Headquarters at Vansec House in Port Vila.

JPOC coordinates all joint operational response elements and administrative matters basically to uphold the laws of Vanuatu.  Its main functions are to:

  • provide operational and administrative staffing roles for the Commissioner of Police via his Deputy Commissioner of Police Operation
  • produce summary reports for all operations and administrations reflecting the outcome results of the task
  • coordinate all local, regional and international Peace-keeping deployments
  • liaise with the Department of Foreign Affairs on matters of diplomatic countries and Close Protection Party (CPP) Protocols
  • liaise with the National Disaster Management Orgnaisation on matters of emergency disaster hazard response
  • advocate in Policy developments
  • oversee the proper administrative staffing and manning of staff on a daily basis
  • provide advocate for staff academic and technical training opportunities
  • provide advocate in regimental and protocol duties
  • provide advisory roles to the Deputy Commissioner Operations and the Commissioner of Police on operational demands
  • oversee the full communication outlets of the Vanuatu Police Force throughout Vanuatu.