Serious Crime

The SCU was formed in accordance with the mission statement of the VPF to enforce Criminal Law such as the Penal Code Act Cap 135 and other laws of the country which relates to their roles and responsibilities.

They deal with murder, Intentional Homicide, Sudden death, break and enters and all unknown cases. They detect crimes through informants, analyse information’s, apprehend and prosecute offenders. They have their support from the public where information’s on crime is needed to conquer crimes.

To launch investigations, complaints must provide official complaints to the Police in person or write complainant statement to the Police through an agency, or call the Police for immediate response, to stirrup an investigation.

If you have any information which may help police solve a crime or information which may help to prevent crime please call your local police post using numbers on the Contact Us page and ask to be transferred to the relevant section. In any emergency, please call the emergency numbers below.

Sipos yu save eni infomesen we hemi save helpem ol polis investigetem o preventem ol kraem, plis kol long polis post we I stap kalosup lo yu, ol numba i stap long pej Kontaktem Polis, mo askem em blong transferem yu lo stret seksen. Long eni emergensi kolem emergensi numba we I stap lo bottom lo page ia kwiktaem.

Si vous avez des informations susceptibles d'aider la police à résoudre un crime ou des informations susceptibles d'aider à prévenir le crime, veuillez appeler votre poste de police local en utilisant les numéros qui se trouve sur la page Contactez-nous et demander à être transféré à la section pertinente. En tout cas d’urgence veuillez appeler les numéros en bas de cette page.