Vanuatu Police Force

Road Safety is the primary concern of the VPF Traffic Section.  The section is responsible for all applications for Driver's Licences, Learner's Licences and Driver's Permits.  Traffic Section is also responsible for police escorts.

Traffic officers attend to all traffic accidents and investigate all traffic offences that are against the traffic laws of Vanuatu.

To report an accident, call your local police post using the numbers on the Contact Us page and ask to be transferred to the Traffic Section.



bus stop sign 943 1Follem plante traffic jams long ol roads blong yumi long Port Vila, Police hemi kamaot bakeken blong warnem yumi ol driver’s mo ol pedestrians long samfala tinktink blong helpem yumi.

Police hemi stap noticem mo even toksave long samfala driver’s mo pedestrians long where place nao yumi sapose blong stopem bus.

Plante pedestrian’s mo drivers oli stap stopem bus any place nomo we oli wantem stop. Be Police hemi kamaot bakeken blong warnem yumi se place blong stopem wan bus hemi long ol Bus stops.

Fasin blong stopem bus long any ples I createm plante traffic jams long road we I mekem se plante man oli late blong ko long wok long morning mo semtime late blong ko home long afternoon.

Polis hemi stap askem ol driver’s mo ol pedestrians blong mas oltaem stop long bus stops.images

 Download our new Road Safety poster via the Preview link below

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