Driver Licensing

The Traffic Unit of VPF issues Driver Licences.   Forms can be downloaded here: 

Fasin blong karem wan Driver's License

Follem law, wan Driver hemi mas gat ol important document we hemi needim blong save usum wan public road.

Ol important document olsem, wan valid driver’s Licences, mo wan valid public vehicle Drivers permit.

Blong karem tufala important documents ia, wan Driver hemi mas
1: Ko long wan nearest Police Station mo collectem ol forms ia
A: Application form blong wan Learner Driver’s License
B: Application form blong wan Driving License
C: Application form blong Permit blong Drivem wan Public Vehicle
D: Wan Medical Certificate Form

Non-Government clinical reports unacceptable for drivers’ permit

In order to meet the requirements of the 2015 Land Transport Act 2015, all drivers operating in the tourism sector will require only medical reports from Vila Central Hospital and other Government-owned medical facilities. Under the Public Land Transport Act of 2015, which will be fully enforced in 2017, there will be two permits to allow the upgrade of drivers’ service to the customers.

Police non-emergency:

Port Vila 22 222

Santo 36 222

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