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Roles and Responsibiltiesfire

The Vanuatu Fire service has a total of 14 permanent officers who are station at the Vanuatu Mobile Force Cooks barracks in Port Vila. The operation of the fire service is under the Vanuatu Mobile force, they are providing 24hrs service.

7 New fireman

Vanuatu Polis fos lo hemi witnessem wan nara acheivement blo hem wei ilukim 7 personels oli receivem appointments blo olgeta blo joinem VPF olsem ol fireman . Long ceremony ia , Commissioner blo Polis, Mr Albert Nalpinini hemi welcomem seven officers ia mo talem thank yu lo olgeta blo showem interest blo joinem fos mo hemi talem sei Discipline , Orders mo journey blo olgeta hemi start today wetem Vanuatu Polis Fos. Commissioner blo Polis hemi signem appointments blo olgeta mo bai oli stap lo wan 2 yias probationary period. Ol seven officers ia oli bin ko through lo 4 manis trainning wetem Fire service long VPF mo bin part blo van2017 operations. Commissioner hemi talem bigfala thank yu iko lo government blo save luk save security blo nation mo continue blo support through lo fundings mo VPF bai hemi continue blo providem service iko long ol pipol blo vanuatu.

While you wait for the Fire Service...

Safety measure to take while waiting for the fire service to arrive if house is on fire

1. Make sure when ever a fire is sported call direct line of the fire service emergency free number- 113 as soon as possible and not Police as it happened because it takes too much time around to reach the fire station.

2. Provide correct and clear information in the location of the fire incident.

Police non-emergency:

Port Vila 22 222

Santo 36 222

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