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Crime Prevention is the attempt to reduce and deter crime and criminals, it is applied specially to efforts made by the Government and Police to reduce crime, enforce the law and maintain criminal justice to maintain safety and harmony in the communities.

If you have any information which may help police solve a crime or information which may help to prevent crime please call your local police post using numbers on the Contact Us page and ask to be transferred to the relevant section. In any emergency, please call the emergency numbers below.

Sipos yu save eni infomesen we hemi save helpem ol polis investigetem o preventem ol kraem, plis kol long polis post we I stap kalosup lo yu, ol numba i stap long pej Kontaktem Polis, mo askem em blong transferem yu lo stret seksen. Long eni emergensi kolem emergensi numba we I stap lo bottom lo page ia kwiktaem.

Si vous avez des informations susceptibles d'aider la police à résoudre un crime ou des informations susceptibles d'aider à prévenir le crime, veuillez appeler votre poste de police local en utilisant les numéros qui se trouve sur la page Contactez-nous et demander à être transféré à la section pertinente. En tout cas d’urgence veuillez appeler les numéros en bas de cette page.

cyber awareness 1The awareness team from the Crime Prevention Office conducted an awareness on the 10th of November 2017 from 9am to 11am, at the Kawenu Sports Field. This awareness was requested to the Crime Prevention Office by the Just Play Program manager Mrs Melly David from the Vanuatu Football Federation. The program’s main target is to educate children through sports (football) in Living a healthy lifestyle that is free from diseases and free from criminal activities.

As stated the participants involved are primary students from 6 primary schools around Port Vila and from two other Villages in Efate; The schools and villages involved are Fokona Primary School, Ecole Saint Joseph, Eratap Primary School, Erakor Primary School, Vila North primary School and Melemat Primary School.cyber awareness 2

Present at the event were also partners from organisations as Shefa Education Office, Shefa Health Department and the Crime Prevention officers.
Police presentations during that event were based on Cyber Safety Crime, Respect, Reporting Offences, Assaults, Theft, and Abusive Language. The team also handed over Cyber Safety Promotional materials to the children.

cyber awareness 7The CPO team consisted of Corporal Grenly KENDER, Constable Jeff NATAPEI, Constable Indianna MENES, Constable Auldrine LOWONBU and Constable Marie NATUAMAN.

This event brought together a total of 60 plus participants (Teachers and Students).

Crime prevention 1Cyber Safety hemi wan topic we Vanuatu National Crime Prevention Unit hemi stap mekem awareness long hem naoia long ol different areas, Schools mo ol organization.
Cybercrime hemi wan issue we hemi kam antap plante lo Vanuatu mo Crime prevention hemi tekem lead blo minimisem ol treats blong hem tru long ol awareness we hemi stap mekem .

Crime prevention 2Crime prevention 3Crime prevention 4Crime prevention 5

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