Driving Test

It is provided under Road traffic act cap 29 section 43A the Office of the Commissioner of police through traffic section to upgrade the driving test and the Office of the Commander Traffic responsible to traffic policing through the country responsible to ensure all these upgrade in all traffic section throughout the country

Driving test and examination practical driving skills is to be review and upgrade the standard of the driving test which has been used after 30th of July 1980 until today.

Theory Driving Test Questionnaires;

Contrary to Road Traffic Control Act Cap 29 Sections 43A.

Driving test: Any person wishing to obtain a driving licence issued under section 44 shall, in addition to requirements set out in that section, undertake oral, written and practical tests conducted by the Police Department which shall cover motor vehicles generally and matters pertaining to this Act. (RTC Act Cap 29).

These Laws enable the Police Traffic Department to carry out these Driving test on Oral, Written and Practical tests. So here is a part of the test which is the theory written test.

Car ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions Contents: About the questions Inside the car, Outside the car and under the bonnet.
What happens during the test there are 5 parts to the driving test: An eyesight check, ‘show me, tell me’ vehicle safety questions, general driving ability, reversing your vehicle, independent driving
The test will be on manual vehicle only and automatic vehicle driving test is not permitted in Vanuatu unless authorise by the minister.

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