Vanuatu Police Force

Vanuatu Daily Post - Police Column  Dec 19, 2016

Driving when under influence of alcohol or drugs is an offence for any person who drives on the public road going to such an extent that the driver is incapable of properly controlling his/her vehicle.

Vanuatu Daily Post - Police Column  Jun 2, 2016

General public and drivers around Port Vila and surrounding sub urban areas are informed to drive and use the roads around Port Vila CBD with care. Drivers driving on speed limit 40 kmph are too fast when there is loose coral on the road surface.

The loose coral can cause the driver to lose control of their driven vehicle and could cause accident and endanger other road users.

Vanuatu Daily Post - Police Column  Nov 20, 2015

Every driver must at all times keep his vehicle to the right side of the road (particularly so when another driver comes from the opposite direction or is ready to overtake). Overtaking will take place on the left. At cross roads, intersections of roads and forked roads, the driver of any vehicle shall give way to another coming on his right:

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