Act of Indecency

Fasin blong showem private part ,mo touchem nogud wan pikinini hemi stap kam antap plante .
Long age group blong 0 kasem 13 years yumi stap lukluk olgeta olsem ol pikinini we I stap long gud care blong yumi ol parents or ol person responsible.

Family Protection Order

Famili Protection Loa I givim pawa long kot blong mekem ol protection oda, blong Protectem ol victim blong Domestic violence.
Famili protection Loa I i kivim 2 kaen protection oda. I gat Temporary protection oda mo famili protection oda.
Famili protection oda hemi taem we I gat wan application blong wan protection oda follem seksen 28. Kot I save mekem wan protection oda akensem wan diffenden sapos kot I I luk se diffenden ya I bin mekem wan action blong domestic violence long complainant mo diffenden ya bambae I save mekem wan fasin blong domestic violence long complainant.

Domestic Violence destroys societies

Vanujatu Daily Post - Police Column Jan 16, 2016

Domestic violence is a bad practice happening today in our societies.

Domestic violence is when someone assaulted another person, resulting in injuries and often death.

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