Vanuatu Police Force

Roles and Responsibiltiesfire

The Vanuatu Fire service has a total of 14 permanent officers who are station at the Vanuatu Mobile Force Cooks barracks in Port Vila. The operation of the fire service is under the Vanuatu Mobile force, they are providing 24hrs service.

Fire Service DutiesFire service

1. Put out all types of fire.

2. Safe lives in building & other danger areas.

3. Safe of all personal properties including valuables.

4. Respond in Car accident to do rescue.

5. Conduct evacuation drills in big number personals. Occupying building such banks, hotels, apartments, offices & others.

6. Provide Fire awareness & safety measures in schools including communities.

7. Conduct & inspect buildings & Ships of installation on new fire equipments such fire hose reels & portable fire extinguishers.

8. Carry out fire extinguisher servicing and do fire extinguishers check including training on how to use different fire to different types of fire.

9. Support Airport fire & Rescue Services on plane crash or any other emergencies.

10. Conduct fire hydrants maintenance & carry out their pressure test.

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