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Safety measure to take while waiting for the fire service to arrive if house is on fire

1. Make sure when ever a fire is sported call direct line of the fire service emergency free number- 113 as soon as possible and not Police as it happened because it takes too much time around to reach the fire station.

2. Provide correct and clear information in the location of the fire incident.

3. Make sure head count is conducted to make sure everyone is out of the building and standing in a safe area especially during the night

4. If you are using electricity power in your house it may be safer to switch off the power meter that it may cause fire spread fast due to wiring.

5. If you have a fire extinguisher you may use the fire extinguish to extinguish the fire or it may help reduce the fire to spread.

6. Do not wait for the fire truck to arrive instead call out fire! Fire! in a loud voice and ask your neighbor or other friends to do something like water bucket fire fighting or garden hose if available to reduce the heat and spread of fire before the fire truck to arrive.

7.Do not go back to the building to take any valuable items when the fire is out of control and the fire truck are on their way to the fire scene.

8. Remove all flammable items in a safe area.

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