Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is the attempt to reduce and deter crime and criminals, it is applied specially to efforts made by the Government and Police to reduce crime, enforce the law and maintain criminal justice to maintain safety and harmony in the communities.

If you have any information which may help police solve a crime or information which may help to prevent crime please call your local police post using numbers on the Contact Us page and ask to be transferred to the relevant section. In any emergency, please call the emergency numbers below.

Sipos yu save eni infomesen we hemi save helpem ol polis investigetem o preventem ol kraem, plis kol long polis post we I stap kalosup lo yu, ol numba i stap long pej Kontaktem Polis, mo askem em blong transferem yu lo stret seksen. Long eni emergensi kolem emergensi numba we I stap lo bottom lo page ia kwiktaem.

Si vous avez des informations susceptibles d'aider la police à résoudre un crime ou des informations susceptibles d'aider à prévenir le crime, veuillez appeler votre poste de police local en utilisant les numéros qui se trouve sur la page Contactez-nous et demander à être transféré à la section pertinente. En tout cas d’urgence veuillez appeler les numéros en bas de cette page.

As Crime prevention in policing perspectives is the method of proactive policing rather than reactive policing, it is the manner of discouraging and dispiriting crime and criminals. In addition Crime prevention is everyone’s business and it needs to be a part of our daily routine. Preventing crime doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, it can be very inexpensive and in some instances it won’t cost anything other than a few moments of time. There’s nothing truer than prevention being better than the cure and in relation to crime prevention should be at the top of our agenda.

Crime Prevention adopts strategies that targets changes in community, infrastructure, culture or the physical environment in order to reduce crime. The diversity of approaches includes connecting to the communities in the urban and rural throughout the country is paramount and then setting a strong partnership as police and community relation or vice versa community and police relationship. These kinds of methods create an image to the broad communities in the country and abroad that Police is a friend, and the broader communities can easily work together with their police service with an understanding that they own the Police and that police are there to serve them.

CPU links with the National Crime Prevention Office (NCPO), which reports directly to the Commissioner’s office, and their roles are managed temporarily by the Criminal Investigations Department. This unit was established to inform the public on crime awareness, according to the VPF Mission statement to Prevent crime and Protect life and Properties.

What we do?

Again The Police Crime Prevention adapts and practices certain styles with and into the communities at large to reduce and deter crime and criminals. The methods of approaches with certain community groups include Awareness presentations, Educational deliveries with school children, Consultations with members of the community, Police involvement in community events as White Ribbon Day etc. Neighborhood watch adopted into communities around Port Vila urban and rural, Environmental design introduced into hot spots and prone crime areas, Community and Youth projects etc.

Further creating a strong relationship with the broader communities nationally and internationally provides a system in place that captures and creates an environment of trust and confidence that allows the system of funds and other resources being accessed from the Government, Non-governmental organizations, other stakeholders, internally and internationally. Besides police crime prevention concentrates on certain groups in the broader communities as village communities, church communities, youth communities, school communities, village chief communities, women communities to deliver its presentations and other form of deliveries.

Furthermore the crime prevention and community safety ‘s vision and approach now is to concentrate on the school children, categories of pre- school years 1 to 6, primary age group years 7 to 12, secondary school age group years 13 to 16 and university age group years 17 to 35. However the most targeted groups will be category 2, 3 and 4, besides these age groups will be more appropriate to capture, store and digest information given out. Overall we will say that these ages are adventurous or experimental age groups.

Finally crime prevention is everyone’s business, and what the police crime prevention office is undertaking needs the support of the broader communities internally and internationally stake holders, Non-Governmental organizations and the churches to reduce and deter crime and criminals enforce the laws and maintain criminal justice.

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