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Crime prevention 1Cyber Safety hemi wan topic we Vanuatu National Crime Prevention Unit hemi stap mekem awareness long hem naoia long ol different areas, Schools mo ol organization.
Cybercrime hemi wan issue we hemi kam antap plante lo Vanuatu mo Crime prevention hemi tekem lead blo minimisem ol treats blong hem tru long ol awareness we hemi stap mekem .

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Crime prevention and world vision training. 3This training was facilitated by the NGO – World Vision International in Port Vila, foundational skills training on Addressing Family Violence Counselling Skills.

On the 21st of July 2017, the Crime Prevention in Port Vila conducted awareness on Marijuana at sea side area.
The Crime prevention has visited this area several times.crime prevention During the awareness, they focused on substance abuse as Marijuana, Cigarettes and Alcohol. Besides Marijuana was the main targeted topic of the evening exposing the short term and long term crime prvention 2effects of this drug. This topic aroused the interest of the youth members causing them to participate with questions and comments
The presentations captured an audience of forty plus (40 plus) youths and adults, which they requested a revisit to this community.

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