The Close Protection Party Officers (CPPO) have gone through a range shooting exercise on the 5th of August 2018, organized by the Vanuatu Mobile Force training wing.

“The purpose of this shooting range is to familiarise our CPP officers with 9mm pistols that they are using to provide security to our nations figure heads” said Lieutenant Dora Sahe

There is a total of 20 CPP officers participating in the range shooting exercise including 6 other assisting officials.

“The officers have begun shooting from a 5m range, moving on to a 7m, 10m’s, and a 15m range thus enabling each officers to be firing on 20 rounds including 2 warning shots thus equivalent to 22 shots” she said

She then said that the exercise should be done regularly each year round but for the last three years there was none. However, she was enlightened with the result of the shooting, where all officers have targeted shots above average rounds.


Police non-emergency:

Port Vila 22 222

Santo 36 222

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