Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention

Another busy month of 2021 that we engage with our busy schedule that keep as busy to accomplished our goals and objectives. The Crime Prevention team has engaged in many activities including priorities and supplementary throughout the month of November. Activities came with challenges that we have to be mindful when conducting them. We refer to a major challenge of COVID 19 that we are experiencing at present. Below are detail activities that conducted by the CPO team over the mentioned month. Awareness Activities COVID 19 CPO continuously conducted quarantine awareness to the repatriates as a supplementary tasking to normal office activities. It is the government’s intention for any individual coming into the country must be quarantined to help prevent the country from COVID 19. Our duty is to enforce the laws put in place and to provide awareness to repatriates on the quarantine rules that must be applied. The team has visited the sites and conducted awareness to the people and warn them on the penalties of breaking the quarantine rules. Reminders on the use of protective equipment’s are also made and the healthy measures also mentioned. Community: Community visit and awareness has also been conducting during the month of November. The team has visited some community during a tour that was facilitated by the Stretem Rod Blo Jastis. It is an ongoing program that is involving different stakeholders including police. The objective of the visiting the communities is to educate the people with some basic understanding of the laws of Vanuatu and make them aware of different acts that governs family affairs, drugs and others. School visit and awareness It is one of our priority to educate school children with some basic knowledge of laws of the country. It is our duty to make arrangements to visit and conduct awareness in schools around Port Vila. The team has visited and conduct awareness in several schools. Topics presented are on the safety of individuals, comply with school rules and respect each other. Tours Crime Prevention team have involved in some tours for crime prevention awareness. First tour was made to Futuna island in Tafea province. The tour was in-line with a request made by the chiefs and leaders in Futuna for crime prevention awareness in their communities and school. This is because of some illegal activities that is identified by the members. Also, the tour involved Commander Tafea patrol as a follow-up on the sites allocated to the police for police post in Futuna. Meeting: Crime prevention through national coordinator has organised a stakeholders meeting in Port Vila. The intentions were to locate and identify the roles and responsibilities for each stakeholder on how they can assist the police address crime issues. The stakeholders include, Port Vila Youth Council, Port Vila Council of Women, Port Vila Council of Chiefs, Shefa education, Port Vila Municipal Council and Port Vila Christian Council. There were numerous discussions around the roles and responsibilities and the challenges face by the stakeholders.

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