Vanuatu Police Force


In 2018, Vanuatu makes 194 members around the world to joint Interpol. The government of Vanuatu has made its commitment to make this happen.
Three members from the Interpol Singapore arrived in Port Vila last week to set up the office. An appointed officer from the Vanuatu Police Force will manage it.
The office has been set up with the system that connected Vanuatu to Interpol around the globe. Short training was conducted with members of NIU who will be the vocal unit to work closely with the new office.
The team have gone through specific training on Regulations of Interpol, Structure, Functions, what Interpol can offer VPF and other agencies that could assist them in their duties.
The system will build a more Proactive Policing in Vanuatu especially in tracing Persons of Interest entering Vanuatu and conduct checks on foreigners applying for Vanuatu citizens and other services that require a check.



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