MR David Pattison wanted by cops

David PattensonMr. David Pattinson (DP) also known as Peter Donald, a British citizens is still on the run and that we can’t locate his where about.

Base on the latest decision of the Court of Appeal in April 2017, it revoked the suspended sentence imposed by the Supreme Court on David Pattinson and makes a new order that he serve 2 years in jail.
The Court issued a warrant of arrest to that effect and the said warrant hasn’t been executed as he is not yet found.

On the 22nd of June 2017 at 9 am, the Supreme Court dismissed an application for restraining order made by the Public Prosecutor to stop him DP from entering his yacht SV Serenity.

However, the Public Prosecutor is in a process of preparing another application of forfeiture to forfeit the said Yacht Serenity and sale it against her value.

This reminder is final and if there is no sign of locating David Pattinson , process will be finalise to court for the forfeiture.

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