Good Governance Workshop

crime prevention with WACThe crime prevention Unit was part of a Good Governance Concepts and importance of Adaptive Leadership in an organization of Community workshop. The workshop convened at Coconut Palms Resort and was organized by Woman against Crime and Corruption (WACC).It was facilitated by Dr.Adrina Thomas.


The workshops convened on the 17th August 2017. The Crime Prevention team were invited to attend the workshop with other stakeholders and representatives from different church group and the communities around Port Vila. There were more than 25 participants who attend the workshop.

Besides there were two topics covered during the workshop , the morning session was about Good Governance Concepts of the Rule of Law, Transparency and Accountability. Points outline from the topic brings the participants into an understanding on how they can apply what they have learned in their workplaces and their communities.
As mentioned participants also contributed on some role plays on malpractices that usually happen in most of the organisations. Some malpractices that were displayed on role plays were, political manipulation, bribery, corruptions, overused of power in workplaces and others.crime prevention with WAC.2

Further the afternoon session was Adaptive Leadership. It outlines the importance of a good leadership with the challenges and how to overcome it. The participants came to understand the difference between Technical challenge and Adaptive challenge, Technical problems can be solved easily while Adaptive requires innovation and learning because the answers are unknown. Adaptive Leadership leads to learning and change of the hearts and minds of individuals.

Some points of Adaptive Leadership were also outlined:
• A practical leadership frame work that helps individuals and organisations to adapt and drive in challenging environment and taking on gradual but meaningful process of change.
• When change requires you to challenge familiar reality, it can be difficult and dangerous work.
• Business leaders need to foster an adaptive culture to survive and succeed, given that they too, face unprecedented uncertainty – and new type of competitors.
• Through to adaptive leadership approach, individuals and organisations are re-energised and prepared for the challenges they faced now and into the future.

The workshop did conclude successfully with view questions and comments raised by the participants.

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