DSC04903RVS Tukoro has arrived safely at Mala Base at around 1420 on 22 June 2018 with rescued passengers from Tina 1. Tina 1 was reported to be broken down and in distress, drifting at Moso Island that morning. The passengers on board the Tina1 were also Police officers and VMF officers who have completed their rotations on the island of Ambae. (OPS VUI)

RVS Tukoro sailed early that morning to render assistance to the vessel and ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. Tug Roimata towed the vessel into Port Vila, while Tukoro has embarked all passengers to ensure their safe transfer to Port Vila.

This is another excellent example of swift and efficient actions by the Police Maritime Wing in responding to a domestic maritime safety incident.

Their dedication to duty and highly professional conduct is protecting the lives of those who work and travel by sea.DSC04907DSC04918

Police non-emergency:

Port Vila 22 222

Santo 36 222

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