Police Road Traffic Section has been recording a high number of road traffic accident during the weekends and therefore is warning all drivers driving around our public roads to Respect and Obey the traffic Laws to ensure our roads are safe to use by other road users.
There were other road users who are also using the public roads and are endanger by bad driving behaviour and habits and attitude of a few drivers whom did not respect the traffic laws even though they understand that bad driving behaviour can endanger other road users well-being and freedom to use the roads and safe to use the roads.
Children and adults and all road users have the rights to use the public roads.

Police traffic through Land Transport Authority is warning public land transport vehicle drivers Bus, taxi and transport that Police will suspend both Driver's license and Public vehicle permit of any public vehicle driver caught driving under influence of alcohol liquor under the Road Traffic control act Cap 29 section 16 stated that; It is an offence for any person to drive on the public road when under the influence of alcoholic liquor or a drug to such an extent that the driver is incapable of properly controlling his vehicle. A police officer shall be empowered without warrant to arrest any person contravening this section.

There is a penalty of 500,000 vatu for anyone caught breaching the section 16 of the Road Traffic Control Act Cap 29

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 Chief blong Navy blong Australia , Vice Admiral ( VADM) Michael Noonan, AO , RAN I mekem wan 1 day visit I kam long Vanuatu Tudei morning mo visitim Police Maritime Wing.

Long Visit ia VADM I meet wetem Commissioner blong Police, Mr Albert Nalphini , Commander Maritime , Mr Collin Ioan Kalwatman mo ol narafala bigman long Police Maritime Wing.

Long meeting blong olgeta, oli discussem ol way forwards blong improvem Vanuatu Police Maritime Wing long ol time we I stap kam.

VADM hemi first time blong visitim PWM mo hemi Congratulatem mo acknowlegdem bigwan work we RVS Tukoro hemi mekem blong assistim ol pipol blong Vanuatu long ol time blong disaster.DSC05919


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 Vanuatu Police Force hemi signem wan Memorandum blong Anta standing wetem Royal Solomon Islands Police Commissioner long 22nd August oltaem long Conference room blong VPF Commissioner.

MOU ia hemi blong strengthenem future cooperation between tufala Police Forces long side blong
• Information sharing long area blong law enforcement
• Coordinate ol operations blong adressem Transnational crime
• Cooperate mo assist long capacity building mo professional development, mo
• Strengthenem ol existing networks between tufala forces.

Tufala Commissioners, Mr Mathew Varley, Commissioner blong Royal Solomon Islands Police mo Mr Albert Nalphini I glad tumas blong signem MOU ia mo talem se hemi wan achievement long tufala forces blong save sharem information mo work tugeta lo ol time we bae I stap kam.

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Awareness on Domestic Violence Issues

downloadFamily Protection Unit (FPU) long Vanuatu Polis Force hemi recordem wan increase long ol Domestic Violence issues ova long last weekend.

Long record blong FPU I lukim se I gat 3 rape cases mo 2 sexual harassment we Driver I mekem long 2 pikinini we I gat 10 mo 13 yias.1 long ol Rape case ia , suspect hemi stap remand naoia long correctional centre mo 2 narafala rape mo sexual harassment cases I stap long further investigation blong Polis.

Polis hemi kamaot bakeken blong warnem yumi ol citizen blong mas tekem plante care time yumi stap wokabaot.Toksave I ko long yumi every wan , especially ol mama mo ol gel blong time yumi stap hope I ko inside long any bus I more safe blong yumi mas karem plate or registration number mo colour blong bus.Ol yangfala gel bifo yu stap aot long haos I mo safe blong yu letem parents blong yu save ples we yu stap ko long hem.

Ol Drivers blong ol vehicle , fasin blong harashem wan passengers inside long truck blong yu hemi againsem law mo yufala ol driver yufala I playem wan important role blong servicem ol pipol I no blong harasem olgeta .

Ol kind fasin nogud olsem oli stap kam antap plante mo yumi mas tinkabaot safety blong yumi oltaem.

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