MR David Pattison wanted by cops

David PattensonMr. David Pattinson (DP) also known as Peter Donald, a British citizens is still on the run and that we can’t locate his where about.

Opening of Renovated Vila Police Station Front Desk

OPening of Police stationMinister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh, Australian Chargée d'affaires, Susan Ryle and Police Commissioner, Albert Nalpini, officially opened the new Port Vila Police Station reception on Monday 14 August which was funded by the Australian Government.
This new reception area will enhance the professionalism of the Vanuatu Police Force Officers and help them better deliver policing services to the people of Vanuatu. Officers at the new front desk will be able to directly enter incidents into the new Police Information Management System.

Vanuatu Emergency & Disaster Preparedness Vocational Training

Emergencie training 2The Vanuatu Police Force with other stakeholders a very fortunate to be part of a training that is sponsored by the Rotary District 9675 NSW Australia. The training is on Vanuatu Emergency and Disaster Preparedness and it will be for a period of two weeks.

Pro -Active Community Policing

Two Police officer, we tufala I stap tekem course long APTC, Sgt Tony Berry mo PC Marie Natuman I bin successfully completem course blong tufala mo mekem wan first practical blong tufala long Community Policing long beginning blong yia ya .

Pro- active Community policing we tufala I mekem olsem first trail hemi blong helpem ol yang pipol blong Tanna blong planem ol crops rather than oli planem Marijuana blong earnem money long hem.

Long taem blong first piloting phase ia tufala I bin distributim ol crops mo ol planting materials we I gat sam fala long ol business houses long Efate I help blong sponsorem.

Hemia hemi first harvest mo sale blong Proactive Community Policing we tufala I bin putum long Piloting Phase we hemi farming blong ol Vegetables.Tanna 1

I gat 6 Villages we same farming imitative I carried out long hem.

Harvesting I tekem ples mo sale long ol skulls mo Lenakel Hospital we documented agreement I bin sign long hem long beginning blong project ia.

Olgeta we oli signem agreement ia I gat Principals blong Tafea college, Isangel College, Lenakel Presbyterian College mo Lenakel Hospital.

Continuity blong farming ia bambae I happen mo police officer long Tanna bae I continue blong followap.Tanna 2

Police non-emergency:

Port Vila 22 222

Santo 36 222

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